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35KV Dry Type Transformer - SFL Transformer

35KV Dry Type Transformer

  1. Types of devices: outdoor
  2. Environmental temperature: upper limit + 40°C, lower limit – 25°C
  3. Elevation not exceeding 1000M
  4. Installation site: no corrosive gas, no obvious dirt and other areas
  5. This product is a direct distribution transformer, which is directly used for industrial and agricultural electric power and lighting from 35kV power grid.

Application range
Mainly applicable to commercial buildings, high-rise buildings, airports, industrial and mining enterprises, power plants, petroleum platforms, subway and tunnels and other important places with special fire protection requirements, but also can form box-type substations with switchgear cabinets.


Performance characteristics

  1. High-voltage windings adopt cylindrical, continuous and connected continuous structures to improve the impact distribution of windings.
  2. The low voltage with capacity in the range of 630-3150 kVA adopts cylindrical, spiral and continuous structure. It has high mechanical strength, balanced distribution and strong short-circuit resistance.
  3. The positioning mechanism is added to the body so that no displacement occurs during transportation. At the same time, all fasteners are equipped with fastening nuts to ensure that the fasteners are not loosened during the long-term operation of the product and meet the requirements of no suspension core.
  4. High quality cold-rolled grain oriented siliconiron sheet is used to superimpose all joints in core, which is a practical straight-air oil injection method for variable fracturing.
  5. After degreasing, rusting and phosphating, the surface of the product can be sprayed with primer and free paint, which can meet the special requirements of metallurgical, petrochemical systems and wet and polluted areas. The whole series of products are beautiful in appearance, small in volume and small in installation area. They are ideal maintenance-free products.
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