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35KV Oil Immersed Transformer (5000KV The Above)

The 35KV oil-immersed transformer products produced by our company have the characteristics of small volume, light weight, high efficiency, low loss, low noise and strong operation reliability. The company is based on the principle of user-oriented approach, meets the different requirements of the products users. Quality first, customer first are our company’s consistent purpose.

Application range
Mainly applicable to substations, coal mining enterprises, petroleum enterprises, solar power generation, wind power generation and other important places with special requirements.


Main features

  1. Safe, fire-proof, pollution-free, can be directly operated in the load center;
  2. High mechanical strength, strong short circuit resistance, small partial discharge, good thermal stability, high reliability, long service life;
  3. Good heat dissipation performance, strong operation ability, forced air cooling can improve capacity operation;
  4. The surface of the product is sprayed with paint after degreasing, rusting and sandblasting. It has good moisture-proof performance and can meet the special requirements of metallurgical, petrochemical systems, wet and polluted areas. It can operate in high humidity and other harsh environments;
  5. It is environmentally friendly, flame retardant, explosion-proof and maintenance-free.
  6. Small size, light weight, it is easy to transport products;
  7. The positioning structure of the fuselage and the fuel tank makes it difficult to displace during transportation. The product can always keep stable in the long-term operation process.
  8. The core material adopts high permeability and low loss silicon steel sheet with excellent performance, which can effectively reduce no-load loss and noise. The core adopts multi-stage inclined joint structure, so that the magnetic field distribution at the core joint is better, and the no-load loss and “noise” are reduced. The coil adopts suitable conductor types, such as paper wrapped wire or self-sticking transposed conductor to effectively reduce the load loss. It can effectively reduce the operation cost of power grid and users.

Performance characteristics

    1. The coils are of cylinder type, spiral type, continuous type and entanglement type.
    2. The positioning mechanism is added to the body so that no displacement occurs during transportation. At the same time, all fasteners are equipped with fastening nuts to ensure that the fasteners are not loosened during the long-term operation of the product and meet the requirements of no suspension core.
    3. Good heat dissipation performance, strong operation ability, forced air cooling can improve capacity operation;
    4. After degreasing, rusting and phosphating, the surface of the product can be sprayed with primer and paint-free, which can meet the special requirements of metallurgical, petrochemical systems and wet and polluted areas. The whole series of products are beautiful in appearance, small in volume and small in installation area. They are ideal maintenance-free products.
    5. Transformer configuration: pressure release valve, gas relay, signal thermometer, oil purifier, oil storage tank, oil sampling valve and other safety protection devices.

Implementation criteria

  1. GB1094 Power transformer
  2. GB/T 6451-2008 “Technical parameters and requirements of oil-immersed power transformer”
  3. GB/T16927 High voltage test technology
  4. IEC-60076 International electrical commission power transformer standard
  5. IEC-60137 “Standard for casing with AC voltage above 1 kV”
  6. AS_2374 Australian power transformer standard


Type and its meaning

S – Three-phase oil-immersed transformer

(F) – Forced air cooling device cooling

Z – On-load voltage regulation

Performance level code

Rated capacity(kVA)

Voltage grade(kV)

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